Meet the teacher magnets to give out at meet the teacher! Name and contact info on a cute laminated shape.


Editable Meet The Teacher Letter

Completely editable meet the teacher letter perfect for back to school! Included in this compressed file is:-My back to school letter example-Editable letterThanks!


15 Meet the Teacher Night Printables - Classroom Freebies

It’s about that time of year again for many teachers to head back in the classroom. That always involves a lot of staff meetings (yay for icebreakers instead of working in classrooms yet again), a lot of setting up, and a lot of prepping everything. All in a mad rush to have a presentable looking ... Read More about 15 Meet the Teacher Night Printables


Meet The Teacher Letter - Editable!

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Boho Farmhouse Editable Meet the Teacher

Toolbox Classroom Decor. Transform your classroom to be a home away from home with these boho farmhouse editable meet the teacher forms!


Meet The Teacher Ideas & Downloads #meettheteacherideas Meet The Teacher Ideas #... - #Downloads #Ideas #Meet #meettheteacherideas #Teacher


Meet The Teacher Night

Meet The Teacher Night by The Ticky Tacky Teacher Shop | Teachers Pay Teachers


Meet the Teacher Newsletter - EDITABLE - Cactus

Meet the teacher template Editable! Cactus theme meet-the-teacher-newsletter-editable-cactus



This item includes all of the essentials you need to make your “Meet the Teacher” night / Open House a true success! Just print and duplicate the pages you need. I would suggest printing your student forms on bright colored card stock.


Meet The Teacher Night

Meet The Teacher Night


Ten ideas for student participation during Open House or Meet the Teacher


Back to School Communication & Meet the Teacher

Have parents fill out this Back to School form at Meet the Teacher Night to open a positive line of communication and get to know their child.


Meet the Teacher Made Easy!

It's hard to believe it's only the beginning of August and I'm already done with Meet and Greet, the first week of school, AND Open House! Wow! I wanted to share what I do for Meet and Greet and Open House! At my school, we begin the year with Meet and Greet during pre-planning as an informal event for our students and families to meet the teacher! Like I said, very informal! As a new teacher I used to stress TONS about this event and wanted my room to be absolutely perfect and LOTS and LOTS of information to send home with parents. Now, I realize that doesn't have to be the case! Less is more! I mean, my room is pretty much ready- but I don't have that much on my walls and I don't send a ton of information home! I've tried many different options for this event over the last ten years, and this year I used a super simple checklist that families grabbed when they walked in my room and I LOVED it! Very simple and easy to use! I placed all the signs in clear sign holders (affiliate link) and I loved how easy it was to just slide papers in them! I had everything my families needed on students' desks. Each year I copy the pages that parents need to complete on colored Astrobrights paper (affiliate link) and the few information pages that they can take home on white paper. This year, I added some post-it notes on the top to make this even easier! You can grab my free template here and just type your message in the box! I always like leaving a little treat for my students! You can see 20 different ideas for Beginning of the Year student gift ideas here! After the parents completed the paperwork, they sorted the large supplies into the tubs at the front of my room. This really helps save me A TON of time during the first week of school! I do have students keep some of their supplies in their desks, like their pencil boxes and composition books! Afterwards, our students and families were invited to use our {photobooth} and take a picture! I absoltuely LOVE using this DIY photobooth in my classroom throughout the year. I use a 60 x102 sequin tablecloth (affiliate link) for the background and they are perfect! They come in tons of different colors and are very inexpensive! And that's it for Meet and Greet! Super simple! Next up is Open House! Open House is a more formal event that is held in the evening and includes a presentation that my co-teacher and I present to our students' families to explain our classroom and curriculum! I find that it's much easier for me to have a PowerPoint presentation to guide me through everything I need to say! Here's a preview of some of the slides in my presentation! I always have some type of refreshments or treats for parents that attend Open House. For the last couple of years, we've just put water bottles and small treats out! I really feel like this adds to the presentation! You can see I reused the sequin tablecloth from Meet and Greet! If you are interested in the Back to School Forms, you can grab them here! And you can grab the editable Open House Presentation and corresponding signs, here! I hope you have an AMAZING start to your year!!! For more {Fashion, Fun, and Favorites} make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin', and Teachers Pay Teachers! To save these ideas for later, make sure to Pin the image below!


Happy Days in First Grade: Fun Meet-The-Teacher Night Ideas


Meet the Teacher Night Gift- Thanks for Popping In!

Thanks for popping in! Cute and free gift tags for meet the teacher night or open house! These are editable so you can type in your name. Just print, cut, hole punch, and add a sucker. Keywords: open house, meet the teacher, free, teachers, kindergarten,


Back to school night-- meet the teacher night-- open house night-- Whatever you call it, it can be a source of stress! But it doesn't have to be! Here are some simple ideas to help you figure out that night in advance! Most back to school night activities include some sort of "supply drop off". To make it easier on yourself I suggest have prelabeled baskets/containers off to the sides of your room (out of the way). Or even outside your doorway in the hall (this way it's not interrupting the flow of your room). This works great for community supplies like Kleenex, Lysol wipes, and Ziplocks! If you want to keep student supplies separated-- have large ziplocks laying out on your desks/tables (labeled with student names) and have families fill them up. You can easily set these aside someplace until you have time to sort more! School forms. Such is the life of a teacher. Make it easier on your parents-- if you can send it home to be filled out, do it! Don't make them sit around for an hour filling out forms. I like to have a prelabeled folder (one side says "bring back" and the other says "leave at home") with all the forms and information my parents need. You can find the folder cover in my free resource library (it will range from preschool-6th). Click HERE to access! In the "bring back" side they may see school information forms, medical forms, and transportation forms. I always like to have parents fill out a transportation form during the open house, so I know exactly what their child is doing the first couple days of school! On the "leave at home" side I put a teacher contact card: a classroom flipbook: and a brochure about flexible seating. I also like to include my Class Dojo sign up pages (since I do a lot of contact through the app). If you have access to Google apps (or love saving on paper) you can create a Google Form with information for you parents to fill out. This makes it easier on you and the parents because they can scan a QR code you provide, or type in a short link, to fill out the survey. In the survey you can ask a wide variety of questions like: *Contact Info *Preferred method of contact *Which parent/guardian to contact first *Who does the child live with *Allergies/Medicine *What the child is great at *What the child struggles with *What makes the child work hard *Anything else the teacher should know Then you can keep the info digitally or print it out for your teacher binder! If parents HAVE to fill out forms, make sure you provide a brief activity for the students! In the past I have made a photo booth using this tutorial: I have also done scavenger hunts (which you can usually find for FREE on Tpt!) Here is link to 2 of my favorites: Open House Editable Scavenger Hunt Editable Open House Meet the Teacher Resources I like to include the numbers so students have to go around find items/places and then write the numbers down: One other thing I love having parents do is fill out a quick personal note for their kid for that first day of school. I keep the notes and then have it waiting on the student's desk for that first moment they walk into class! Here is an example: I always include a wish list for my parents to see-- if you don't ask, you will never receive! I've had years with lots of items given and years with only a few (and all were great years!) One idea is to have a physical "piece" they can take home. Here is the succulent wish list I use in my room (it matches my theme): Here is another example of a floral themed one: It doesn't have to complicated-- even Post-it notes on the whiteboard would make a great display! Lastly, I know a lot of teachers like to send home a small/simple gift for the visiting student. I've done a variety of "gifts" over the years: Here is a link to the "write stuff" post and label (the bag had a set of crayons and 2 sharpened pencils inside). Here is a link to the "Blow Pop" label Freebie Below are links to my "Back to School" bundles (which includes lots of sign up forms, gift tags, and more!) So far I have succulent, floral, and forest themed bundles: I hope this post gave you some great ideas for your back to school night! If you have any questions feels free to leave them in the comments!


Meet the Teacher/Open House EDITABLE Stations, Wish List, Handouts, & More #meettheteacherideas Everything you need for an organized Meet the Teacher night! Signs, forms, ideas, and more!! And it's EDITABLE to meet different classroom needs #meettheteachernight Meet the Teacher/Open House EDITABLE Stations, Wish List, Handouts, & More #meettheteacherideas Everything you need for an organized Meet the Teacher night! Signs, forms, ideas, and more!! And it's EDITABLE to meet different classroom nee


Meet the Teacher/Open House EDITABLE Stations, Wish List, Handouts, & More

This Meet the Teacher pack has everything you need for an organized and successful Meet the Teacher night! Just print and go or customize some of the pages to meet your classroom's needs. This product includes: -A parent handout -Station Signs -Sign in sheets -Transportation sheets -Student information survey -Teacher


WOODLAND animals Theme Classroom Decor / PowerPoint / 21 editable slides / Invite / Scavenger Hunt / Party Sign Up Sheet / Great resource for Open House, Curriculum Night, Meet the Teacher / Artrageous Fun


Meet The Teacher Letter / Open House / About the Teacher / Back to School

Meet the Teacher and Open House forms. This is the perfect way for your students and their parents to learn about what…


Tips and Tricks for Meet the Teacher night, Back to School night, or Open House.


Meet the Teacher Template- EDITABLE

Perfect for back to school or meet the teacher night! This is an editable PowerPoint document. Instructions for editing are included in the document, but feel free to contact me for further questions (quickest way to contact is through instagram @exploringfifth)


Cute Meet the Teacher Night idea. Kids and parents can locate desk quickly. Students can take balloon home at the end of the night as a special incentive. Another balloon idea: student writes a goal for the school year on balloon, with help from the teacher, and class goes outside to release balloons to make their wishes come true! Also, great blog!! Check out Bathroom Token System idea! #meettheteacherideas Cute Meet the Teacher Night idea. Kids and parents can locate desk quickly. Students can


Open House Ideas for Teachers | Meet the Teacher Printables #meettheteacherideas Open House Ideas for Teachers | Printables and templates for Open House, Back to School Night, or Meet the Teacher Night. Everything you need for a smooth and successful, easy, fun night. The best resources for an Open House Teacher Survival Kit. Learn more at Mrs. D's Corner. #meettheteachernight Open House Ideas for Teachers | Meet the Teacher Printables #meettheteacherideas Open House Ideas for Teachers | Printab


Meet the Teacher Gift Idea for Students | Back to School

Start the year off right with our Meet the Teacher Gift Idea and free "Dinner is Our Treat" Printable.


Tile Farmhouse Meet the Teacher/Newsletter

Tile Farmhouse Meet the Teacher/Newsletter


classroom wish list

Welcome back to school season with this mason jar classroom wishlist display, perfect to enlist your parents for donations during meet the teacher day, meet the teacher night, open house and during parent teacher conferences. Great for a beginning of the year bulletin board. This wishlist set is completely editable. Classroom sign, mason jars with supplies and parent thank you note are all included. Click to see more!


Are you feeling a little stressed about meet the teacher night? It doesn't have to be that way. It's easy to grab what you need with this editable meet the teacher pack. Need an idea for gifts for students? Done! Need signs to show parents what stations to go to ? Done! Need activities that can engage students and make the night fun? Done! #backtoschool #teacherspayteachers #meettheteacher #kindergarten #firstgrade #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade #fifthgrade


Meet the Teacher 2015-2016

Hey Hey, Friends! I cannot believe that I am already blogging about meet the teacher! Where did the summer go? Could I REALLY have watched that many Netlifx shows to pass the time? Raise your hand if you watched Gilmore Girls this past summer…guiltyyyyyy ;) To be honest, my meet the teacher night has not happened yet. However I almost kept mine similar to last years meet the teacher because, why shake a good thing? I will be adding to this post after my actual meet the teacher so you can see the functionality of it. I already put some elbow grease in it, so there's lots to see! Every desk has stacks of paper work on it, what fun! On their desk they will find: My school's mandated paper work All about their teacher handout Dismissal survey Parent contact form A letter writing activity for the parents A magnet with MY contact information on it for their convenience A school supplies checklist AND a zip lock baggie…WHEW! I like having the half page contact sheet because let's be honest, I'm lazy. When they turn in these contact sheets, I have ALL of their information and I don't have to search for it on the school's website. I can easily enter


Meet the Teacher Templates Editable #meettheteachernight Editable meet the teacher templates/newsletters for back to school nights, meet the teacher nights, and more! Edit your own info! -Meet the Teacher Ideas -Meet the Teacher Night -Meet the Teacher Templates -Meet the Teacher Editable -Meet the Teacher Preschool -Meet the Teacher Kindergarten -Meet the Teacher First Grade -Meet the Teacher Second Grade -Meet the Teacher Third Grade -Meet the Teacher Fourth Grade -Meet the Teacher Letter #mee