Leaf Pattern Watercolor Resist · Art Projects for Kids

Easy fall art projects can start with just crayons and watercolors. This was created by a talented 1st grader, Sara G., and I could look at it all day.


Fall Hand Print Art - Exploring Negative Space with Kids

A twist on the tried-and-true fall hand print art for kids. A great way to explore colors, talk about fall changes, & explore negative space in art.


Yayoi Kusama Dot Pumpkin Art Lesson with Infinity Nets

Just what you need for your Yayoi Kusama dot pumpkin art lesson! Lots of pattern ideas for your art projects for kids! Step by step infinity nets, too! . #pumpkinartlesson #ArtforKids #ArtProjectsForKids #ArtLesson #artlessons #ArtEd #iteachart #ArtEducation #elementaryart #easyartdeas #artactivitiesforkids


Kindergarten Archives · Art Projects for Kids

Kinders First Project


Black Glue Sunflower Art

Our Black Glue Sunflower Art project for kids is a must for the Summer! Black glue and watercolour paints, combined with a handy template is all you need to get started.


Exciting Fall Art Project Kids Will Think Is Magic: Rubbing Leafs

One of the basic fall art projects for kids you have to try out. Kids often think it is a magic when leaf outlines start appear on the paper.



FANTASTIC FALL ART IDEAS FOR KIDS - 20 exciting Fall art projects you won't want to miss! You'll never look at red, orange and yellow paint the same way again!


25 Van Gogh Inspired Art Projects for Kids

These Van Gogh inspired projects are a great way to share master art with your children. The subjects kids are introduced to while they are young tend to stay with them for life. These 25 Van Gogh Inspired Art Projects for Kids are a great way to inspire lifelong appreciation of great art, and fuel their own artistic imaginations. Have fun! These Sunflowers are made from recycled cereal boxes and make a great 3D art project for your kids. Via Articulate Gallery The swooping swirls of Starry Night are represented using crayons in this fun project. Via Parents


Squarehead Teachers: Halloween Art Projects for Kids (How to Paint Fall Trees)


Abstract Tree - Art Projects for Kids

This abstract tree project can really look like stained glass if you use really bright colors. I love the combo of black Sharpie trees and then soft oil pastels to fill in, but I have discovered that the marker will bleed in time and make a fuzzy line. If you want to avoid that, either use a black pastel or scan and print the original so that it looks perfect forever. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper, square • Oil Pastels, I recommend the Portfolio brand • Sharpie marker, optional DIRECTIONS 1. Students draw a tree trunk and lots of branches. I have a previous post titled “How to Draw a Fall Tree” which offers more tips on tree drawing. The ends of this tree need to extend to the edge of the paper to make closed shapes. I recommend students start with pencil lines, and then trace and thicken them with a black Sharpie marker. 2. When complete, the students are to fill in all the negative spaces around the tree with different colors of oil pastel. This projects could be done with a black crayon and watercolors too. Note: This post contains an affiliate link to a product that I used for this project. Purchasing the product through this link will result in a small earnings for me, which helps me keep on posting more projects.


sweet and lovely crafts: footprint scarecrow. Fall art projects for kids. Preschool and toddler.


Circle Trees - Playdough To Plato

Activity for ages 4 to 8. Looking for a colorful fall art project for kids? This gorgeous activity is a beautiful way to learn about shapes and colors as children create a keepsake masterpiece. Getting Ready To get ready, I gathered supplies for each student: One 9″ x 12″ piece of white construction or sulphite …


Fall collage - step by step craft for kids


Fall Leaf Art Projects for Kids

Fall is a great time to start new art projects with your children. With all the colorful leaves and foliage there is plenty of inspiration to be found. These Fall leaf art projects are designed


Fall Art Projects for Kids: 22 Crafts with Leaves

Be'leaf' the hype! You might not think it's possible, but now there's even more for you to love about fall. No one can deny that pumpkin spice lattes and apple donuts are some of the most enjoyable parts of fall, but there's something even more special: crafts with leaves! Have you ever driven through a forest preserve or other leafy area just to take in the majestic view of the changing leaves? You can keep a piece of that beautiful scenery forever by turning fall leaves into a cherished craft project.

Leaf projects are everything you could ever want out of a fall craft. Crafts with leaves are cheap and simple, but they look absolutely incredible when they're finished. And of course, the best part about using leaves to make fun fall crafts for kids is that you get to spend some quality time in the great outdoors with your little ones while they collect their supplies. There are plenty of fallen leaves on the ground all season long, so why not grab a handful and get crafting?

You'll fall in love with each leaf project on this list. Even if you're not a self-proclaimed lover of nature, you'll find yourself enchanted with autumn when you help your kids try their hand at these adorable art projects. You'll find fall crafts for preschoolers on this list, along with other artistic creations you can use to decorate your home. Young or old, these easy fall crafts will give you a new reason to enjoy the autumn season.

Make these fall kids' crafts as soon as possible; after all, you never know when winter will arrive!


Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

Create this beautiful fall leaf with your students. This fall art project is simple, yet stunning and great for multiple ages and abilities. Using Oil Pastel and Zentangle designs this is a keepsake!


How to make a Paper Cat

Show your students how to make a cat out of paper, and add a little lesson in sculpture to your day. Great for crafting skills ... and Halloween, of course.


Draw a Scarecrow Face · Art Projects for Kids

Here’s a fun way to draw a scarecrow. Add some crayon lines and watercolor and you have a very cute fall painting.


Featured Artists in Art School for Kids | Deep Space Sparkle

Tried and true art lesson plans and videos for elementary school that feature more than 15 Art Masters that resonate with kids. Art School for Kids online art classes.


Gorgeous Fall Leaf Chalk Pastel Art Kids Can Make

Kids will love making this fall leaf chalk pastel art using all of the gorgeous autumn colors! Use an easy pastel technique that is perfect for kids of all ages. Free printable leaf templates.


Draw a Simple Monster · Art Projects for Kids

Quite possibly the world’s most simple monster drawing. Students used a roll of masking tape to draw the eyes, one of which needed to be going off the page.


leaf printing mandala art | The Craft Train

Create vibrant mandala artwork using this simple mandala leaf printing technique. This is a great way to get kids being creative with natural materials!


How to Draw a Turkey - Art Projects for Kids

Here’s my popular “How to Draw A Turkey” tutorial in a format that is more computer friendly. If you prefer something you can print and pass out to students, try my PDF tutorial linked below. Either way, I’ve found this front view of a turkey doable even by kinders as I have found they respond well to large symmetrical shapes in how-to-draw lessons. • View and download PDF Turkey tutorial MATERIALS • Brown kraft paper • Thin black marker • Colored pencils DIRECTIONS 1. Draw or print guidelines on paper. 2. Draw the turkey according to the tutorial. 3. Trace the art with the thin black marker. 4. Color in the drawing with colored pencils. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save


Painting Space Leaves with a Sponge

Have you tried painting leaves? It's a very simple autumn art project for kids and adults. These space leaves as if they blew in on a cosmic wind.


Easy Paper Quilling Apple Craft; No Special Tools Needed

Celebrate fall with this easy paper quilling apple craft! No special tools are needed, making it a perfect craft for kids to learn this fun technique.


Autumn activities | fall leaves | Fall Art Projects


Fall Leaf Art with Crayons and Watercolor - Art Projects for Kids

For this fall leaf art project, students were asked to let crayons and paint do what they do best – make patterns and lots of bright colors. This amazing leaf was created by a 1st grader, Sara G. I could look at it all day. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Sharpie marker, black, chisel tip • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paints DIRECTIONS 1. Draw a large leaf shape that fills the paper diagonally. 2. Trace the leaf and veins with a thick black Sharpie marker. 3. Use crayons to make lots and lots of patterns in each section of the leaf. 4. Trace the outline of the leaf with white and / or light crayons at least 3 times. 5. Use liquid watercolors liberally, and let the colors bleed wherever they wanted to. Save Save


DIY Fall Art Stamps for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Make your own super easy DIY Fall Art Stamps for Kids. Use them to create fall process art projects in preschool or kindergarten.


Four Season Handprint Tree

Based on our popular Autumn Handprint Tree, we now have a complete Four Season Handprint Tree post - a fun art project for kids to observe the seasons.


Autumn Handprint Tree

Beautiful Autumn Handprint Tree art idea for kids. Perfect for preschoolers exploring Autumn themes and colours, doubling up as a cute keepsake!